Improve Your Day with 5 Simple Steps

By Chantal Souaid Mchantaf


We have reached a decade where 24 hours are not enough for anyone! A 10 year-old student is swamped with a zillion activities along with school, studies, house chores, and many other things. The same applies to every single one of us. I sometimes look around me as I drive and see how everyone is so stressed, tired, and just wants to reach home. It’s sad where we have reached, and I am sure that we all hope to change a tiny bit of it. Here are five tiny winy things that can improve your day:


1. Make your bed: In the morning, people usually cherish every second of extra sleep, yet if you wake up one minute earlier to make your bed, you will feel more at ease. Why? Seeing things tidy and nice calms us and transmits positive vibes. If you don’t believe me, try it. See how nice it is to come back in the afternoon and see your bed nice and tidy.


2. Pack lunch to work: I am someone that encourages homemade lunches because they are healthier, cheaper and you know what’s inside them. Start by getting used to taking with you something for lunch; you don’t have to cook, you can make a delicious homemade cheese sandwich with pickles and tomatoes, and enjoy it at lunch time. Plus, when you eat healthy, you feel more at ease.


3. Clear your desk: Take a second and think of your office desk. How is it? Is it crammed with papers and empty mugs? Or is it tidy and neat? Having a clean office space relaxes your eyes and sets you in a nice and positive environment. Try cleaning your office today and see how things will change. If your office is always tidy then great! Keep it this way!


4. Listen to your favorite song: What is the one song that pumps you up and lifts you up to a higher place? Make it a daily ritual of listening to your favorite song or an energizing song every day. I have a playlist of my energizing songs and some of the songs inside it are “Independent Love Song” and “My name is Luka.” I really enjoy listening to this playlist every single morning and cannot start my day without them. In addition, sometimes when my day isn’t going very well, I just take a break and listen to my playlist again.


5. Make your to-do list: I am a great fan of organization and cannot start my day without prioritizing my work and writing everything down. When you organize your day, you know what you have to do. Thus, things get clearer in your head and you end up being more efficient throughout the day.