LivNordic Spa: Tried & Tested

The ladies at Executive Women have been working extra hard at the office, and decided to treat themselves to a much-deserved spa day at LivNordic Spa, located on the sixth floor of the renowned twisted Cayan Tower. Here’s what they had to say about the Swedish deep massage at LivNordic…


Sylvie Kastoun, Executive Director at Executive Women:
In Dubai, a spa day is a must to clear away all the stress caused by work. There are tons of options, and I’m glad I decided to try LivNordic. I arrived at the spa still stressed about work, and a massage is just what I needed to soothe me. I was highly impressed by the panoramic views of the Dubai Marina from the spa, along with the holistic treatments and exceptional service offered, which supports the health and beauty standards of Nordic countries. The massage therapist was incredibly polite and attentive, and asked me what areas to focus on during the 90 minute massage. The soothing music on in the background, the skillful set of hands of my masseuse and the combination of massage techniques used made it a heavenly experience. The level of pressure was perfect and left me feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Sara Mohamed, Managing Partner at Executive Women:
LivNordic is all about Nordic Wellness; Scandinavian design, health, Nordic fitness, nutrition, beauty, experience, products and bathing are included in the LivNordic experience. Connectivity to nature, a healthy lifestyle, beauty, and sound mindfulness are characteristics of the Nordic people. The LivNordic Spa pursues holistic wellbeing by drawing on the rich resource that Nordic culture, traditional and contemporary, has to offer. The massage therapist was professional and skilled, and after as soon as she realized my muscles were tense, she made sure to loosen the muscle knots, leaving me completely energized and stress-free! LivNordic also offers several membership packages for residents and non-residents that include attractive benefits such as complimentary spa treatments, fitness classes and beverages as well as discounts on spa treatments, retail items and more. All products used in these treatments will also be available in the spa shop for guests to continue their spa experience at home. I would highly recommend paying this spa a visit- you won’t regret it!


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