The skin under high surveillance

70 years of innovation


Born under the sun of the French Riviera in 1946, the Lancaster brand is celebrating its seventieth birthday in 2016. Seven decades of innovation and one on-going quest: stopping the advance of time. A dream that has become a mission.


The Lancaster Laboratories have dedicated their research to expertise in light rays, establishing the impact of light on skin ageing. Thanks to its unique knowledge of light, Lancaster has always kept one step ahead of scientific advances and has ceaselessly innovated in the realm of everyday oxidative stress, whether pollution, stress, fatigue or modern life. These scientific discoveries make the Lancaster brand the environmental beauty expert.


Every day, all year round, whatever the season or location, Lancaster shields the skin from everyday environmental aggressors and maintains its youthfulness, for luminous beauty at any age. A brand has never gone so far.


1946: birth of the Lancaster brand
1970: Lancaster becomes the Official Purveyor to Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco
1971: first suncare range with the legendary fragrance
1976: first retinol-based emulsion
1988: creation of the Tan Activation Complex (TAC)
1993: 1st to introduce oxygen in cosmetics
1997: incorporation of UVA filters into all Lancaster suncare formulas
2003: birth of 365 Cellular Elixir, the first serum that protects and repairs DNA
2008: UVA filters are now recommended by European legislation
2012: In addition to UVB and UVA filters, Lancaster creates infrared protection
2016: Lancaster presents a new era in sun protection: the Full Light Technology


Sun protection propelled into a new era


You thought that you knew all about sun protection? But did you know that UV rays represent less than 10% of the sun’s rays to which you are exposed? Infrared rays and visible light represent over 90% of this radiation.


Enthused by the idea of deciphering the solar spectrum and its impact on the skin, the Lancaster Laboratories have discovered that over and above UV rays, infrared rays and visible light reach the deepest layers of the skin and accelerate its premature ageing.


Lancaster is today raising its sun protection a notch higher with the introduction of Full Light Technology. The entire light spectrum is now placed under high surveillance. A real scientific feat incorporated into the entire new high-performance suncare range Sun Beauty and Sun Control, along with 365 Sun Compact. An unprecedented innovation that took over seven years of intensive research.




All shades in the light spectrum
Lancaster is innovating with its new-generation sun protection that now targets all rays of light [UVA+UVB+VISIBLE LIGHT +INFRARED], i.e. 100% of the known solar spectrum.


Each wavelength in the solar spectrum corresponds to perceptible damage to the skin. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. UVA rays accelerate skin ageing and disrupt proper cell balance. Infrared rays damage dermal collagen and elastin fibres, which in the long term leads to a reduction in the skin’s firmness and elasticity.


As for visible light, for a number of years we used to think that it did not have a harmful effect on the skin but, after years of scientific research, the Lancaster Laboratories are now lifting the veil on its harmful effects. A creator of free radicals, it causes – down to the deepest layers of the skin – cell dysfunction, which contributes to accelerated skin ageing. It was therefore necessary to develop a complete system that could simultaneously absorb, reflect and neutralise the different waves in the light spectrum to minimise their harmful effects on the skin.


In order to offer optimal performance and action on the entire solar spectrum, the new Full Light Technology acts on three levels:


Lancaster has developed a patented combination that absorbs UVB and UVA rays, along with the visible light in the solar spectrum. The result: sun protection has never been so broad at Lancaster.


To reflect each wavelength and send their detrimental properties far from the skin, the Lancaster Laboratories have developed a unique reflective complex, combining in particular ruby powder and an original compound: Bioactive Glass spheres. It will thus form an invisible shield on the skin’s surface and act like real micro-mirrors to reflect UVA, UVB and infrared rays, as well as visible light.


Thanks to a unique patented technology and in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of skin oxidation, Lancaster has skilfully selected powerful antioxidants able to neutralise the free radicals induced by the entire solar spectrum. In their reinforced antioxidant complex, we find an extract of green coffee, bitter orange bark, pongamia and green tea. As a bonus, sea buckthorn berries amplify the formulas’ antioxidant action. As well as protecting the skin, this unprecedented technology shields DNA from free radicals.


Full Light Technology targets the entire light spectrum!