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When traveling alone not lonely…

Traveling alone might offer some travelers a different perspective on the world. Without a friend’s or lover’s influence, they renew their inner vision, educate their own taste, get in touch with their preferences and reconnect with their soul.


It’s a voyage to oneself, a self-discovery adventure, a new experience through nature or a city full of life, and a different way of meeting the Other. Best experiences can be lived in a concert in Europe, in the streets of New York, on a beach in Goa, a brand-new spa in Dubai, a classical in London, or on the Himalayan or Kilimanjaro trecks.


When you travel solo, remember to:
1. Make sure it’s a safe place.
2. Make sure the country is a happy place.
3. Keep a journal with you.
4. Take a lot of pictures.
5. Find time to meditate.
6. Get to know the people’s culture.
7. Check the country ‘best of’ with a local citizen.
8. Unpack your memories before you travel.
9. Carpe Diem!
10. Get back renewed.