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GARANCE DORÉ & Massimo Dutti. A Fashion Story

She does indeed have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that is so highly valued in “gotha fashion”. Born on the island of Corsica, Garance Doré started her career as an illustrator and photographer of streetstyle in Paris, to later turn into a “first generation” blogger. Smiling and warm-hearted, it is precisely in this virtual space that she has completely made her own where her imprint is reaffirmed and where she starts to write in the same natural fashion in which she speaks, resting her particular gaze on the art of dressing with style. And the fact is that Garance is a global icon who creates, inspires, poses and sells with the same spontaneity with which she posts on her blog, which receives more than three million monthly visits from all around the world; or where she uploads photos that have first gone through the Instagram filter to her account @GaranceDoré that also adds up another 524,000 followers. Apart from her success on the web, we must add her scintillating editorial premier with the publication of Love Style Life, a book that combines illustrations, photographs, collages, personal memories and a guideline to conquer the keys leading to effortless chic.


Muse of numerous publishing houses and premium campaigns, this avant-garde and visionary artist, aesthetic references of who are Katherine Hepburn, Françoise Sagan and Romy Schneider, has left behind her personal mark on the Massimo Dutti Spring/Summer 16 Collection in a fashion story in which the backdrop is New York, the city where she currently lives. The result is a foray into a normal day in the life of such a multifaceted woman, taking off with a mise-en-scène at her work space and in which she has been portrayed as the independent, hardworking and very chic woman that she is. The Massimo Dutti team has enjoyed the immense pleasure of sharing different aspects of daily life, ranging from more profound matters such as the enthralling process of maturing, right through to other more mundane affairs such as her favourite hotspots in the Big Apple; her key looks for daywear and eveningwear so as to be perfectly decked-out for any occasion or, even, the objects that she gifts the people she loves the most with.


A series of very comfortable, elegant, quality and modern garments were chosen for the photo session, including some that even nodded to the garçon style, which is so characteristic of Garance Doré. The result: perfect combinations for any time of the day. Ranging from mannish looks with a masculine shirt as the focal point; total white looks, so sought after this spring or the eternal Little Black Dress. All of these combined to perfection with a selection of the must haves from the new collection of accessories, in camel and black coloured leather, ideal to complete either an office look or a more relaxed party look.


Also and coinciding with the upcoming celebration of Mother’s Day, Massimo Dutti has taken advantage of such a special occasion to ask Garance Doré for a few suggestions as to what a perfect gift would be for all mothers around the world, and which the firm will exclusively offer in a special programming of its online store, presided over by one of her highly sought after illustrations.