Interview with Aoibheanna Bonner, Group Spa Director, SensAsia Urban Spas

1. What is the toning and tightening treatment based on?

The Full Monty Body Sculpt Contouring Treatment is based on our clients’ concerns! SensAsia Urban Spas have been pampering the UAE for 12 years now, and we know the concerns women have for their hips, bums and tums!


The Full Monty is a 90-minute treatment, and the most intense package for body tightening and toning we have ever launched. Targeting each woman’s three main areas of concern, from cellulite-prone hips to upper arms, chest, bust and tightening your tummy. It combines radically energizing exfoliation deep tissue massage and some incredible products to give you a tighter, more toned fitter-feeling body, ready for action.


2. When will one start getting results?

From your very first treatment, skin will feel smoother, softer and more toned. Of course, for the most effective results an intensive course is recommended. The timeframe each client has to achieve their goals will dictate how often they should have the treatment, for example if a lady has three weeks to work on her ultimate bikini body, she should aim to have two treatments per week in that time, whereas someone focusing on a healthy eating weight loss programme can benefit from one treatment per week, as an ongoing motivator and enhancement for the weight loss results.


3. Do you think some specific time to go for a treatment would be more beneficial than any other time?

There are no rules on the right time to look after yourself. Morning, afternoon, evening, before a vacation or special occasion, times of stress or times of celebration, winter or summer – our bodies, skin and minds always deserve and need attention!


4. Do you think some bodies are more receptive to treatments than others?

It depends on the treatment, and the goal. An athletic figure of a healthy weight can still benefit greatly from The Full Monty, as the treatment will encourage the elimination of toxins. Our amazing Triple Body Buff improves circulation, while the Omega oil massage and alginate mask leaves skin looking and feeling taut, smooth and full of life. The same treatment will also benefit someone who is overweight and out of shape, as it will “kick start” her detox, and aid the elimination of toxins, which cause bloating, swelling and cellulite. Combined with healthy eating and a good exercise plan, a course of The Full Monty at SensAsia will certainly assist the texture and firmness of her body as it changes for the better. There really are no rules!


5. Is there any specific season to go for this kind of particular treatment?

All times are good times to improve your body! But of course summer is where we tend to sport lighter clothing and swimwear, and perhaps take a holiday we’ve looked forward to all year – so it’s important we look and feel our best.


6. Who is your target audience? And your clientele?

There are no boundaries at SensAsia Urban Spas – all ladies, all shapes and sizes, all ages are our target. The Full Monty was created by real women, with real bodies, who get real results from it. We want women to feel comfortable in their birthday suit – no matter what the suit, or the birthday!


7. Any message to people who never hit the Spa for treatments?

Stop reading this. And call SensAsia! Once you’ve spent time with us, you’ll see why spa is one of fastest growing industries globally and why SensAsia is credited with so many prestigious awards. You’ll be hooked – I promise!


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