Rossy de Palma PG SS16 campaign_Low Res.jpeg

Purificación García

In 2006 Purificación García began co-operation with the photographer and Art Director Juan Gatti to provide the images for her campaigns. So far he has taken pictures of some outstanding personalities in the Spanish socio-cultural scene such as Geraldine Chaplin, Marlango, Estrella Morente and Javier Conde, Angela Molina and Martín Rivas, Elena Anaya and Unax Ugalde, and Ana Belén and Marina San José.


Juan Gatti has photographed Rossy de Palma for Purificación García Spring Summer 2016 campaign.


A unique woman. That’s how Rossy de Palma is. Personal talent, sense of humor and open arms to the world are defining features of this charismatic and cosmopolite international actress.