This week saw the Middle East launch of Jaguar’s first-ever Performance SUV, the F-PACE. Considering the region’s growing appetite for SUV’s and performance cars, brand representatives here in MENA are confident that the All-New Jaguar F-PACE will gain considerable market share in the lucrative SUV segment.


Combining performance and practicality, the Jaguar F-PACE embodies the brands’ technical artistry, brought to life through agile handling, British design and technologically advanced engines.


Even with Land Rover as a stablemate, Jaguar’s latest offering is ideally placed to enter the SUV market, especially in the MENA region where some of the world’s highest ratios of cars to households is recorded, as reported by Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Outlook for the Global Automotive Industry report.


The report also identifies that consumer enthusiasm for SUVs will increase at such a rate that by 2020 they are estimated to make up 30 per cent of global new vehicle sales, making it one of the fastest moving segments. Bolstering the prediction, 2015 stats show that more than 35% of vehicles sold in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait were SUVs whereas in KSA the share of SUVs were nearly 25% in total vehicles sales.


Subhash Joshi, Regional Head and Associate Director – Mobility MENA at Frost & Sullivan, Dubai commented, “The Jaguar F-PACE fits perfectly into the growing demand for SUVs in the region. It is one of the most stunning mainstream cars of 2016 and a perfect example of blending SUV practicality with a sports-car-like design which is sure to create plenty of interest from new-car buyers in the region.”