Once again, Diesel rocks the watch world with a collection of larger-than-life styles for Spring and Summer 2016. Taking inspiration from past seasons and distilling them to the purest evolution of Diesel’s signature style, these timepieces are perfect for the urban explorer and off-road nomad alike.


Diesel’s Uber-Chief, the older brother of Diesel’s popular Mega Chief, evolves the Chief line into a true design icon. Stark, sharply carved stainless-steel cases accent the black-and-white chronograph dial and thick black leather strap, creating a look that’s the pinnacle of Diesel’s attitude and design aesthetic.


The Field Corps collection echoes the military green-and-khaki color palettes of the Spring & Summer 16 apparel collections, with edgy accents of red, black and white adding a graphic punch. Leather-backed canvas straps and rugged stainless-steel cases that only get better with age, add to the utilitarian, nomadic vibe.


American west coast style is known for its distinct laid back appeal, combined with a dose of rockn-roll adrenaline, mixing unexpected materials and patterns to create fashion that marries casual and couture with nonchalance. The Ironside has been custom built to embody this uniquely American mix of punk flair, with welded paddle pushers, an intricate chronograph dial, and motoinspired hardware paired with leather or silicone straps.


The Spring and Summer 2016 collections will be available in select stores and at