Fonoun Artists exhibits “Paradise for Art Lovers”

The property invites all to visit Ahmedia Art Gallery to enjoy artworks by Fonoun


Ahmedia Art Gallery, located at the Ahmedia Guest House in Deira, will hold a special art exhibition by Fonoun artists with a theme of “Paradise for Art Lovers”.


The exhibition will run from 6th to 31st May, from 10:00am to 9:00pm showcasing outstanding artworks by six international artists namely Joel Borja, Shiba Khan, Amr Wadea, Shadab Khan, Zeinab Elazzazy and Elizabeth Bruce.


Joel Borja grew up in Philippines and he is an Electrical Engineer. Unlike many artists he is self taught and has been developing his painting skills over last 4 years. Joel is a versatile artist who also enjoys portraits. Recently he has been working on his acrylic abstract collection by composing shapes and using brilliant colors. His paintings are detailed and he uses color sensitively to describe his subject matter.


Shiba Khan grew up in India where she was a successful fashion designer with her own Boutique “Dreams “.
Her acrylic paintings are passionate and colorful displaying lively brush work and textures. Each painting has a powerful meaning and tells its own story. She works relentlessly and is passionately driven by her desire to express herself through her love for painting and is on a journey of self discovery.


Amr Wadea was born in Libya and is an architect. His flair for oil painting began two years ago when he discovered the magic of paintbrush. Using detailed brush strokes of dazzling colors he found he could translate the beauty of nature and share his story with audience. He connects with people by using everyday subject matter which reflects the details through of his experiences.


Shadab Khan was born in India. Her artistic process began as a child during frequent visits to the botanical gardens and nature conservatories where she loved to explore the nature around her. Her passion for painting has flourished since childhood. Bright and beautifully detailed oil paintings demonstrate the complexity of organic life as seen either through a telescope or a microscope or the naked eye. She translates these intricate observations into beautiful oil paintings through the use of line, shape, color and composition.


Zeinab Elazzazy grew up in Egypt. She has had a passion for art since childhood. Zainab’s sensitively composed still life paintings and portraits are classical and reveal her knowledge and understanding of composition, colour and tone. They are beautifully executed. She enjoys the peace and tranquility available to her when she is deeply immured in her art work. Zeinab enjoys working in oils.


Elizabeth Bruce was born in Scotland. She has been painting for the last 3 years in Dubai. Dazzled by the lighting here, her acrylic paintings are bold, sensitive and painterly. Her palette of fractured colors and the use of lively brushwork connect the viewer to her vision of the Emirate. Feelings and atmosphere are transformed into unique and vibrant paintings.


Mr. Habib Khan, General Manager, Ahmedia Heritage Guest House quoted “We are passionate about the region’s rich history and heritage and we welcome opportunities showcasing events that welcome visitors to get a feel of old Arabia. Ahmedia Art Gallery houses many resident and international Artists and constantly offers support to them.”


Admission to the exhibition is free for general public. For more information, call 04 225 0085 or 050 348 8428.