Raaga Factory

The Retro, the Fusion, The Sufi, the New-age, the Rock, the Acoustic, the Distortion, the Piano, the Guitar, the Bass, the Drums, the Saxophone are all waiting to go LIVE in Dubai this April.


After a host of private events all over the UAE and the Middle East, including a special night for the first ever for a live Indian band to perform at the Cavalli Club, Danube Raaga Factory heads back to its roots with its next public concert at the prestigious Address Dubai Marina.


Danube Raaga Factory, just like its name, is a platform which blends forms of music and brings them LIVE, fresh from the oven. Just like the diverse music they create, along with fusion of languages and genres, their music also spans across all age groups – their playlist ranges from retro Hindi & English melodies, to traditional folk music of various regions blended with Jazz notes and Hindustani classical Raagas strummed on acoustic guitars. Add to it the electronic touch to soulful Sufi strains and the seamless symphony of modern and traditional musical instruments that truly creates a unique sound for its listeners.


This dynamic group is rather unique. They are a team of talented musicians and singers who otherwise have regular day-jobs and who have come together for a purpose to keep their passion going – to create sounds and tracks which are loved by one and all. The Factory believes in living what they create, the craziness they go through, the sleepless nights they spend – for what they follow as their religion and for what they call the love of their life. Need we say more?


Tickets are at AED 100/- and Aed 200/- per person and will be available at the gate.


Date: 29th April 2016

Time: 9 p.m. Onwards


For ticket and more info call +971 50 4586786, +971 55 5253704