Facing the blank paper

The most haunting issue that could happen to a writer is the writer’s block. How many words will be left unspoken, how many sentences unwritten, how many songs unsung… In the meantime, everything would happen in between: projects, breakups, marriages, deaths, life…


You might not be a writer, and you might not have this urge to write down your ideas about life… Still, writing is one of the best therapies ever. When you write, you externalize your thoughts, your feelings, and your reactions. You might even be surprised at the results and write about some things you didn’t even know were hidden deep inside yourself.


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” –Ernest Hemingway


1. You will express yourself better.
Whenever you oblige yourself to write everyday, you become better at expressing your emotions.


2. You will assemble bits and pieces from the past.
Writing makes you remember things you have lived and experienced. Even though it might be fear-provoking at times, it is always beneficial.


3. You will keep a journal.
Sometimes, writing some sentences down does not always imply putting down all the feelings of the day. However, your notes will help you keep a record of everything that happened and how you feel about it.


4. You will get to know your dreams and aspirations.
You will keep track of your purpose in life and remember to aspire for more goals. All it takes is pen and paper… Writing give you hope.


5. You will feel evening relaxation
Writing before you go to bed lets go of everything you accumulated during the day. You will feel relaxed, at ease, and ready to end the day on a brave yet relaxed note.


6. And who knows?
Maybe writing everyday will give you the material needed to sum it all up in a published book.