Chaumet launches new Hortensia jewelry creations

From within the restrained architecture of a Japanese garden, trimmed in its lush, verdant embroidery, Chaumet plucks a flower: the hydrangea. The jeweller finds lavish inspiration in its endless varieties, with round or tapered petals joyfully forming a delicate cluster or a perfect sphere, frolicking with color and blooming in an astonishing geometric spectrum, now echoed in the world of couture.


Here is jewellery-making excellence expressed with the same floral grammar: from corolla to pistil, Chaumet explores all the flower’s intricacies, playing upon ten petal variations.


Nature has been tamed: stylized, open-worked, sculpted, capturing motion at once taut and supreme delicate. The hydrangea as seen by Chaumet aligns with the House’s naturalistic style to become a collection of sentimental jewels.


Born of the excellence of Chaumet High Jewellery, three new powder-pink designs express blossoming emotion. Like a thread of diamonds, the flower’s stem is traced into a brooch, a pendant and a pair of earrings. Suspended from this pattern, sculpted opal cabochons, pink tourmalines and sapphires blossom in asymmetrical bouquets that hide an impeccably assembled composition.