Swarovski’s ‘Ingredient Branding’ program – presents a unique branding solution for local brands to collaborate with local talent.


Swarovski, the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewelry, presents Dubai-based Iranian artist Salmeh Moravvej, Co-Owner at MSS Art, and her unique paintings, as part of the ‘Ingredient Branding’ program.


MSS Art, was founded in 1999 by sisters, Salmeh and Sarah Moravvej, after moving to Dubai from Iran where they were photographers. Accustomed to the ability of capturing beauty, their passion, energy and professional graphic design expertise is the basis of creating an ideal living and working environment through their unique, contemporary 3D artworks and paintings which are carefully adorned with Swarovski and pearls.


The sisters create custom-made designs inspired by found photographs or images online which they then paint on to canvases of various shapes and dimensions. The images are then carefully studded with a selection of Swarovski crystals and pearls, of various colours and sizes, carefully emulating a line, or shape or form, a process which can take from over 2 months.


“It takes 2 to 3 weeks to research the right kind of image that would be the subject of the painting. Copyrights and formalities of any found and existing images are then legally obtained, which is followed by and another 2 weeks of research and perspective exploration, with a lot of time and patience going into the process of crystal application which is the final ingredient to bring the work to life,” said Salmeh Moravvej, Artist and Co-Owner of MSS Art.


Hailing from Mashhad, recognized as a culturally abundant city in Iran and known for being the home to prominent literary figures like Ferdowsi, Mehdi Akhavan-Sales and Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, the sisters have truly been inspired by literature, photography and art.


“As an ‘Ingredient Branding’ partner with Swarovski, as working and creating artists, this opportunity allows us to explore latest collections, colour launches and techniques that we can use to enhance our painting with and keep them contemporary with the latest trends. Not to mention the diverse selection of beautiful Swarovski crystals we have access to,” says Salmeh.


“Our ‘Ingredient Branding’ program presents our partners important business benefits through the wider structure of the Swarovski product,” said Andrew Mojica, Managing Director, Swarovski Middle East. “The program allows participants, whether they be local or regional artists or designers to utilise the brand and support packages at Swarovski, as well as the crystals, to build and enhance their own business.”


Following a successful debut exhibition that took place at Conrad Hotel in Dubai in October 2015, to participating with the Make a Wish Foundation and Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, the enterprising twins are leading a successful venture with their art and over the last few years they have designed, furnished and decorated close to 100 homes and offices. Their latest exhibition will open on 26th April 2016 at Pacha Dubai, located at Souq Madinat Jumeirah, and will showcase never before seen images created by the sisters themselves. This exhibition is in collaboration with Yas Beauty.