Grilled Saffron Lobster with Curried Baby Potatoes

Fresh seafood is truly one of life’s pleasures. Siraj is justifiably proud of a well-crafted menu of the finest seafood that Dubai has to offer and their signature Grilled Saffron Lobster is undeniably an indulgent showstopper.


The elegant dish contains a generous portion of sweet, plump, freshly hand-selected Canadian lobster, infused with aromatic, golden saffron. The succulent pieces of lobster meat are preserved in lemon butter, adding a tangy zing and then grilled to sumptuous perfection. The dish is served in the original shell, and garnished with a mixture of fresh garden cress, Syrian chili powder and a sprinkle of Malden sea salt. Served with curried baby potatoes, this signature dish at Siraj offers a taste of traditional Emirati cuisine with a distinct contemporary twist. Outstandingly good, each bite a new delight.