Embrace the talisman of the inward journey with unique Moonstone pieces from Payal New York

This April, Payal New York, presents three very special pieces from her collection. Each piece includes the ethereal beauty of Moonstone, remarkable in its blue hues and decidedly fitting given that April is the month of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty.


The design and composition of her collections are of paramount importance to Payal Mehta, founder of Payal New York, and each is conceptualized from start to finish in order to project the true essence of femininity and feature stones that enhance that quality in the wearer.


Today we are delighted to present a necklace, earrings and a ring that all contain the spellbinding shimmer of the Moonstone gem. Having been used in jewellery making for well over 2,000 years, Moonstone is considered an amulet of mystery with a direct connection to the powers of the moon. Considered a sacred stone in India, it is a traditional wedding gift there, many believe Moonstone is a talisman to one’s own inner journey to the soul and a way to become in sync with the natural rhythms of life.


Payal Newyork’s atelier can only be accessed with an appointment, and customers can choose from themed collections or request for a bespoke piece that captures their own spirit in a one-of-a kind design.