Journey between heritage and contemporary Shalky Resort 2016

The global designer Qasim ALQasim of “Dar Shalky” has launched the collection (Resort 2016), so as the young designer bring us back to the past ages and inspires from it the most beautiful images, and relaunch it in a contemporary unique style that simulates the spirit of the modern woman whose seeking uniqueness and beauty in a distinct manner.


ALQasim excelled in laying out features inspired from old Roman palaces in an innovative colors through blending colors and dyeing and consistency, and to consolidates his idea, the designer adopted the bright colors in his designs in new and unique designs, and privileged fabrics that plays a prominent role in showing the inherent femininity in Lady Shalky, harnessing the colors to serve the designs in a form that the designer wants.


Qasim ALQasim keen to use pink color, rose, the sky blue color , and green color which is the color of nature, the washed white, mauve and the fuchsia colors in a varying degrees, taking care to keep the of classic colors for Kaftan like navy blue, dark green and black in a particular combination to serve intelligently the general idea that underlines behind the collection.


As for the fabrics he selected, rosy albrso, jacquard, lycra , crape, amuelan, georgit and lace. ALQasim also excelled in combining between heritage and modern in a sophisticated and innovative style in terms of used cuts, modern designs, excellent crafts and exquisite gems that add to the designs luxurious of a particular kind.