The Pink Bra. Helping women self-test and save their own lives.

Introducing a bra that’s specially designed for women from the lower socio-economic background. It turns the everyday action of slipping money inside the bra into a breast cancer self-test.


Pakistan has the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia. Alarmingly, the survival rates are very low. This is mostly because the majority of the women reach the hospital at stage 3 and 4, when it’s too late. Most women from the lower socio-economic group lack even basic awareness. Doctor Rufina Soomro, one of Pakistan’s leading breast cancer experts says, “Most women think it’s immoral and inappropriate to speak about breast cancer. These cultural taboos are hindering breast cancer awareness in Pakistan”.


Adapting an international breast awareness campaign in Pakistan is surely not the answer. Here, we have to respect the local culture, especially when we speak about breast cancer. Women certainly do not like to talk about this in public and certainly not in the presence of men.


The task is to raise awareness by speaking to these women in privacy.


That is exactly what the bra does.


It borrows from a common observation, where women tuck money inside their bras to keep it safe.


It turns this observation into a breast cancer self-test exercise.


The Pink Bra comes with strategically placed pockets. So when women slip money inside their bra, the raised tactile guides tell these women where exactly to press to self-examine.


The bra also comes with easy to understand illustrations, inside the cups of the bra, which explains each step of the self-test in detail.


When women spot something unusual they can call the Pink Ribbon hotline number for a free expert advice.


The easiest way to tackle breast cancer is by detecting it early, and the Pink Bra helps do just that.


The project invites Pakistan to gift the bra to women from the lower socio-economic sections of the society. You can follow the movement on social media at #giveapinkbra.


In a short time, the project has managed to garner support from leading public figures including renowned actors Sanam Saeed and Maria Wasti. Announcements about further endorsements and Pink Ambassadors will be made public shortly.


You can visit to know how you can join the cause.