Dentist Direct Dubai revamps website

User-friendly and feature-rich website will help in improving navigation through the site


Dentist Direct Dubai, a UK-based expert in dentistry offering a holistic approach to oral health, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and fresh redesigned and interactive website, which provides essential dental information and treatment options.


The user-friendly and feature-rich website boasts a modern, colorful design giving it a fresh feel that lays great emphasis on the range of services, offerings and benefits of dental and oral hygiene including the relaxing facilities of Dentist Direct Dubai. The website is divided into several key sections: Home, Our Story, Our Doctors, Dental Education, Our Services, New Patients and DDD Blog. Each page provides detailed information on various aspects of the clinic.


The website’s refreshed and simplified look with attractive visuals will allow visitor to feel comfortable when visiting a dental clinic. Dentist Direct Dubai operates on the slogan “Dentists for People Who Don’t like the Dentist’, highlighting the friendly experience one will receive when going to Dentist Direct Dubai.


Dr. M. Banker – Regional Head, Dentist Direct Dubai said: “We are extremely excited about our website that has been updated with extensive information to better educate our current and potential patients. We focused on giving our patients a website that is easier to navigate and will be the source of information about dental and oral hygiene, with distinct calls-to-action and easily accessible resources. We open our Home Page with a very beautiful photo of a smiling child that sums up a patient’s journey to our clinic – an enjoyable and happy experience so it should start with our website.”


The ‘Our Services’ page features the wide range of General, Cosmetic and Dental services and Orthodontic treatments offered by Dentist Direct Dubai along with Dentistry for Diabetics, Pregnant Women and Dentistry to Prevent Oral Cancer, while the ‘Our Doctors’ page highlights the dedicated dental specialists of Dentist Direct Dubai who will provide with the highest level of quality dental care..


Staying up to date in the latest trends in the dental industry, the new website also offers comprehensive information about oral health through its ‘Dental Education’ page with Dr Neil Mitchell, Principal Dentist of Dentist Direct Dubai. Dr. Neil said he is excited about the website because it serves as an educational resource for everyone. The clinic team, who is behind the DDD blog would be happy to answer any questions patients might have.


The new website has several other user-friendly features to better address inquiries including an online form to request information, a more convenient online appointment system, and an improved map that makes it easy to get directions to Dentist Direct Dubai.


The website’s responsive web design ensures maximum viewing compatibility and well-improved navigation of the website which is fully compatible across a range of devices like desktops, laptops smartphones and tablets.