Luxury Chocolatier Forrey & Galland – Designed and Handcrafted to Perfection

A bespoke gifting company first established in 1912 in the heart of Paris during a time when Europe enjoyed the golden years of La Belle Epoque, the haute couture chocolate house, Forrey & Galland was revived in the UAE in 2008, boasting its original Parisian touch.


Isabelle Jaouen and Vincent Moret brought the French tradition of luxurious and handmade chocolates and macaroons to Dubai, showcasing a commitment to perfection and freshness. Alongside the creativeness of the French chefs and, Forrey & Galland infuse local flavours into their expertise to create a collection that represents its partnership and commitment to the local culture. The Forrey & Galland Atelier in the UAE is the heart of all creations with over fifty artisans, witnessing a never-ending cycle of creativity and artistic ideas.


With the broad range of sweet products hand made from original flavours such as rose petals, spices, fruits and tea carefully selected from around the globe. The delicate creations are then individually wrapped in exclusive Forrey & Galland packaging, created by a team of experts who personalize every element and detail of production from size, shape, embossment and ornaments.


The flagship boutique, located in the Dubai Mall, is today one of the most photographed in the shopping centre. Drawn and imagined by well-known French architect, Aude Cousin, in collaboration with a famous Iranian artist, the boutique features corresponds with the bespoke luxury theme, featuring a copper-leafed handmade ceiling and breathtaking hallmark crystal chandelier.


Today, Forrey & Galland have expanded their traditional focus of chocolate and sweet treats, now offering a selection of cakes, decorative handmade packaging, timeless trends including a unique selection of porcelain, Italian crystals and mesmerizing candles, floral arrangements and personalised orders. The Forrey & Galland team is on hand to ensure each order is unique, tailoring orders right down to the option of a bespoke desert buffet and event decorating service.