Diet tips and tricks

Summer time is almost here, beach clock is ticking and fashion outfits are urging you to head for the catwalk… Except that you won’t look your best with those extra kilos that drags you backwards. Hopeless diets and inefficient results, it might be time to make up your mind and slowly insert diet habits into your daily lifestyle. Simply back to basics.


1. Don’t skip breakfast
“Eat breakfast. It’ll energize you for the day and keep your diet in check.” Dr. Oz


2. Nibble, don’t gobble
“Use the three-bite rule with dessert: Have three small bites and put your fork down.” -JJ Virgin, author, The Virgin Diet


3. Doubt your cravings
“Before you eat, ask yourself, ‘Am I hungry?’ Unless a craving comes from hunger, eating won’t satisfy it.” -Michelle May, MD, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat


4. Get enough sleep
“Get six to eight hours of sleep a night. Without it, the appetite hormone ghrelin increases, which could result in weight gain.” -Manuel Villacorta, RD, author of Eating Free


5. Start with greens
“Eat in the right order. Eat vegetables first to naturally have more of them and ultimately eat fewer calories.”