WHEN: Thursday – Monday
WHERE: Toko, Vida Downtown
TIME: From 6 PM
PRICE: Tapanese menu starting from AED 25 per dish.


Bucket of 3 hops AED 95 and bucket of 5 hops AED 150.


In every country, you have places you go for dining and places you go for a drink. In Japan you can have the best of both worlds: Izakaya – a cool casual destination where you can eat and drink and be merry with colleagues and friends. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well then, you will be pleased to know that the Japanese version of tapas is making its way to Toko Dubai this April and it comes with a catchy label: Tapanese!


Toko’s tapanese menu will be serving up everything from the freshest seafood including spicy crispy rice salmon and tuna tacos to everything meaty including tender beef aburi nigiri or succulent fried chicken wings and ending off with mini doughnuts with vanilla sauce or dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate cookies.


Izakaya food is engineered to be especially delicious with a mug of hops to make the experience that more memorable!


choose any three for AED 95 per person and any additional dish starting at AED 25


Edamame steamed or fried AED 25
Grilled sweet corn with shiso butter AED 28
Goat cheese with Japanese spiced pistachio AED 28
Pumpkin courgettes AED 28
Salty green tea popcorn AED 28
Crispy shishito peppers AED 28


Spicy crispy rice salmon AED 35
Spicy tuna temaki AED 35
Butterfish sashimi AED 35
Tuna tacos AED 35


Crispy rice beef burger AED 35
Fried chicken wings AED 35
Beef aburi nigiri AED 35
Beef tacos AED 35


Mini doughnuts with vanilla sauce AED 35
Dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate cookies AED 35


Bucket of 3 AED 95
Bucket of 5 AED 150