Unique therapy harnesses the healing power of Nature in a decadent, head-to-toe pampering experience imbued with the restorative properties of crystals


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the world’s most luxurious hotel, has introduced another visionary treatment to its award-winning Talise Spa. Carefully crafted and developed in collaboration with La Prairie, the prestigious Swiss beauty brand, La Prairie Signature Elements Treatment takes luxe to a new level with head-to-toe pampering which embodies the health-giving benefits of natural crystals.


The treatment is based upon the spa’s original philosophy of assawan meaning ‘healing stones’. For guests seeking the ultimate in indulgent pampering the 140 minute-long La Prairie Signature Elements Treatment is designed to balance body, mind and spirit and leave clients feeling blissfully rejuvenated and radiating health.


To begin, the therapist invites the client to select their preferred crystal stone – fire agate, mookaite jasper or jade – each of which is renowned for its specific healing properties. The skin is then exfoliated before La Prairie Hydralift Firming Mask is applied to the entire body, softly enveloping the skin in its nourishing formula. Face, neck and décolleté are gently cleaned and exfoliated in preparation for the soothing stone massage. Cleansing, purifying crystal water is served during the treatment via a crystal water wand.


Slip away into a realm of endless serenity as the therapist begins the full body massage using La Prairie Body Oil (a truly unique and exclusive product which is not available for purchase anywhere) and the smooth, palm stones of the client’s chosen crystals, while smaller thumb stones are gently used to massage around the eyes, face and neck.


Decadently moisturising La Prairie products are then applied to the facial areas and décolleté before the body is enveloped in soothing Cellular Energising Body Lotion. The end result is divinely velvet-feeling skin that shimmers with youthful radiance in harmony with a peaceful and balanced calming of the mind. Finally, as an exquisite memento of this unique and unforgettable wellness journey, the guest is presented with an elegant crystal bracelet to take home.


“At Talise Spa each treatment and service has been hand selected and exclusively developed for our guests to ensure luxurious rejuvenation,” said Gopal Kumar, Director of Spa at Talise Spa. “We are delighted to add this unique La Prairie Signature Elements Treatment – which can be indulged in by all genders and age groups – while further strengthening our ties with La Prairie. The curative properties of crystals have been well-known for centuries and we are certain this exclusive treatment will be a highly popular addition to our distinctive range of therapies.”


This sophisticated therapy is exclusive to Talise Spa and proudly reflects the close relationship between Burj Al Arab and La Prairie, one of the hotel’s signature partners and one which has enjoyed an elite synergy with the iconic property since its opening in 1999. Fewer than 15 spas around the world feature La Prairie as the host product.


“La Prairie is famed for its high-end beauty and wellness programmes which are specially tailored to the needs of the most discerning clients and available only at the most prominent addresses. It is for these reasons that we are thrilled to develop La Prairie Signature Elements Treatment for Talise Spa at the Burj Al Arab,” says Greg Prodromides, Vice President of Global Marketing at La Prairie.


“In the pursuit of timeless beauty, this distinctive full body treatment is complemented by our exclusive products in harmony with the healing properties of crystals and immensely pampering massage techniques, to offer clients a truly prestige and unforgettable wellness journey,” adds Prodromides.


La Prairie Signature Elements Treatment lasts 140 minutes and is priced AED2,195.