Dubai Culture Launches ‘Live our Heritage’ Festival

• Coincides with the Annual World Heritage Day 18 April
• A showcase of more than 40 Emirati craftsmen


Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated entity for heritage, arts and culture, today inaugurated ‘Live Our Heritage Festival’ – held at Al Shindagha Historic Neighbourhood from 17 to 23 April. The festival coincides with the annual World Heritage Day marked on 18th of April across the globe.


The festival was launched in the presence of senior officials including His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, Dr. Hessa Abdullah Lootah, Dr. Mona AL Bahar and Rashad Bukhash, Director, Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality. In addition, His Excellency Saeed Al Naboodah, Acting Director General of the Dubai Culture and Salah Al Qassim and Dhaen Shaheen Al Nuaimi, Advisors to the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, were present during the launch.


‘Live our Heritage Festival’ includes more than 40 traditional craftsmen and features an array of local crafts, many events, activities and workshops focusing on the UAE’s traditional customs and handicrafts. The festival also hosts music bands that will give live performances of songs and dances that highlight the UAE’s history.


His Excellency Saeed Al Naboodah, Acting Director General of Dubai Culture, said: “We are proud to inaugurate ‘Live our Heritage Festival’ aiming to showcase the efforts of the UAE’s craftsmen under one roof, demonstrate the important role these crafts played in our nation’s development, and transfer the skills to future generations. It is our strong desire that our cultural heritage will stay in the memory of future generations. We are happy to see the large number of young people attending the festival which confirms our essential message, which is to spread awareness of the UAE heritage among the new generations across Emirati, citizens and foreigners.”


Fatima Lootah, Manager of Dubai Heritage Development Centres, said: “To look after our heritage and the preserve of our authentic customs constitute an integral part of the broad awareness of our culture and heritage, the ‘Live our Heritage Festival’ aims to preserve our heritage for future generations, and to promote public awareness of the values, customs and traditions of the UAE. Ultimately it builds bridges between the UAE community and all other communities living in the UAE.”


live our heritage Festival’s activities focus on promoting a range of activities that aim primarily to consolidate the traditions and the heritage of the UAE targeting young people and students in particular, and to showcase for UAE expats and foreigners the essence of the real heritage.


The festival will allow the visitors to enjoy a tour around the traditional crafts market which includes clothes, traditional Arabic accessories, in addition to a variety of workshops and interactive activities inspired from the local environment and to revive the traditional customs.


The festival is showcasing a series of traditional crafts ranging from marine coastal and desert environments, in addition to a theater hosting a daily variety of activities including activities done by students from Dubai heritage development centers.


‘Live our Heritage’ festival is will have a specific theme every day theme and will include organising different traditional activities until 23 of April.