For Lucas Ossendrijver, every collection at Lanvin is pure experimentation. What is there in common between a technical cotton “pixel” effect safari jacket and a notched jacket collar, overstitched and with invisible buttoning? The research that makes each and every piece at Lanvin the fruit of a studio organized like a creative laboratory.


Manipulations, testing, correspondence between cutting-edge technology and traditional artisan techniques. From shape down to details, Whether visible threads, brass “sunshine” appliqué discs, tie dye looks or paper-touch bonded lambskin, fabric is used to create every kind of metamorphosis in an infinite play on sensations, – visual, tactile or creating sound. Multiple zip fasteners, patches and pockets are ranged in order, starting from real development work carried out prior to the production of each individual piece.


Every moment of inspiration results in a way of working the colours, fabrics and details that sign the Lanvin look, created from nuances and correspondences, from memories as much as from utopias, a crossroads between memory and future.