Diabetes in focus on World Health Day

Dentist Direct Dubai offers free blood glucose testing for all its patients


Every year, the world unites to celebrate World Health Day and this year is focused on the movement to beat diabetes.


Dentist Direct Dubai, a UK-based expert in dentistry offering a holistic approach to oral health, is committed to offering free blood glucose testing for all of its patients. The team can check for any gum disease and also help patients identify hidden sugars in their diet.


Diabetes is a horrible disease and it is the main cause of blindness, amputations and kidney failure. Diabetes is expected to become the 7th main cause of death in the next 10 years! Why does all this concern the dentist?


At Dentist Direct we care about a person’s whole health and if you have diabetes you are 4 times more likely to develop gum disease. Also it has been proven that if you have diabetes and gum disease they have a bidriectional effect on each other; the diabetes makes the gum disease worse and the gum disease makes the diabetes worse!


Diabetes happens when the body cannot produce insulin which is used to convert sugars, starches and food into energy, when this happens the sugar in your blood remains high all the time and causes damage to organs. There are 2 types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is an auto-immune condition where the body attacks it’s pancreas and the person fails to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is brought on by lifestyle habits such as poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity. This used to be associated with aging, but now it’s affecting children too.


Dr Neil Mitchell, Principal Dentist, Dentist Direct Dubai said: “The United Arab Emirates currently ranks 16th in the world for diabetes, however; the undiagnosed cases could easily take us to number 4. Diabetes is no longer a disease of the elite. It has gripped all sections of society for the main reason of changed lifestyles of people Hence, to fight diabetes, people need to not just change their lifestyle but also their dietary habits.”


Dental hygiene is an essential part of good health as keeping blood glucose levels under control. If you have diabetes, dental care is even more important.To book your appointment or enquire about Dentist Direct Dubai’s services, please call +971 4 455 9398 or +971 56 192 3093 or visit the website at