Executive Chef Stefan Trepp, spearheads ‘Flavours of the Palace’ Food Festival at Emirates Palace

Stefan Trepp , the Executive Chef at the Emirates Palace has completed preparations for the luxury food festival ‘Flavours of the Palace’ that will take place on the palace gardens on the 13th of April.


In a press statement, Trepp stated, “The chefs at Emirates Palace are known for their skills to produce the most delicious, Oriental, and Asian dishes that are now ready to be served to guests at the festival. The visitors are sure to be impressed with the services, price and quality of food which will be without par.


Not to mention the variety of food available, which is sourced from the many restaurants at Emirates Palace.”


The unique event will entertain festival goers with 8 live performances courtesy of the chefs, who will use exciting stunts and techniques to prepare the dishes. ‘Flavours of the Palace’ will be set in the scenic West Wing gardens of Emirates Palace.


The food festival which begins at 7:00 pm will go on to 11:00 pm and is considered to be the most prominent event among food lovers and critics.


The recreational event is sure to please every palate and mood. Guests can choose dishes from food stands that has live cooking, or from stalls that will display food that have been cooked previously at restaurants such as the Emirati restaurant ‘Mezlai,’ the Italian ‘Mezzaluna ‘ the seafood specialist restaurant ‘Sayad,’ the ocean facing ‘BBQ Al Qasr,’ the international ‘Le Vendome’ and Hakassan, the famed Chinese restaurant.


Ticket prices start at AED 150 per person which includes 15 food vouchers that can be used to purchase any dish at the festival. The food festival aims to highlight the large variety of flavours available at the Emirates Palace. Additionally, guests will also discover the latest cooking styles and techniques, used all over the world by cooking professionals.