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Get set for a fashionably active lifestyle with Swarovski Activity Tracker jewelry

It was a big night for jewelry and fitness lovers as they gathered for the launch of the Swarovski Activity Tracker Jewelry, the latest innovative product from the leading crystal jewelry brand. The new collection which combines smart technology with Swarovski’s dazzling crystals aims to promote a fashionably fit lifestyle.


The event which took place on April the 5th at Sofitel the Palm was attended by media and selected VIP guests.


To celebrate the much anticipated launch, Swarovski teamed up with two of Dubai’s A List influencers, NTC trainer and Nike ambassador Salma Ismail from Sal Body Routine and celebrity host Shereen Mitwalli.


“Now I can track all my work and achieve my personal goals, with style.” Said Ismail who invited her Instagram followers to participate in a competition for a chance to attend the event and win one of these coveted trackers.


Other selected social media influencers invited their followers to do the same including the presenter of the event Shereen Mitwalli, who commented: “I’ve been testing the product for the past 6 weeks and it’s been a joy. It doesn’t feel at all I’m wearing a device. It looks and feels like a piece of jewellery that I’m proud of wearing. In fact it’s been a great conversation opener at many meetings!
The one feature I absolutely loved was the sleep tracking. It tells you how many hours you’ve slept and how many hours of it were actual restful sleep. Overall it is a futuristic product which has allowed me understanding my body and start setting fitness goals.”


Mitwalli then led the winners and the guests on a fun treasure hunt to win 10 of these amazing smart jewellery pieces.