Three shapes, 210 different style combinations –Swatch presents “SWATCH THE EYES”: the ultimate interchangeable look


Has Susie got her eye on Roger? When will Benno stop ogling Gina and make a move? Will it be love at first sight for Connie and Ralf? Everything is possible with the new Swatch the Eyes sunglasses. Blink and you could miss the moment, as interchangeable snap-on fronts (complete with lenses) and temples, in head-turning designs and colors, present 210 matchmaking possibilities (30 styles with 7 different temples).


Routine is so yesterday and Swatch is clearly focused on equipping today’s life-styles, where scene changes have to be smooth and fast. Breakfast at a Parisian street café with The Eyes of Kaspar? Shopping in Milan with The Eyes of Gina? No sweat. There aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes, but Swatch guarantees enough looks for any day, without a shadow of doubt.


Swatch The Eyes offer heaps of personalization possibilities, as different combinations provide individual style signatures. Swatch stores – and selected Solstice stores in the US – risk becoming venues for wild two-timing, as owners get tempted to pick up a new look in seconds. A total of 3 classical round, edgy squared or winged core shapes host an exciting palette of 30 patterned, bi-color and mono-chrome front designs.


Having purchased a first set of glasses, wearers can begin a long story of flirting, as they add different fronts to harmonize with their “first love”. The complete glasses and separate clip-on fronts come in their own colored boxes for safe storage after sunset. The finished creation – designed, engineered and produced in Europe – is super-comfortable to wear, robust and also very safe due to excellent UV protection. The glasses integrate high-quality materials as well as resistance to perspiration, chemical products and breakage.


The launch of the collection will be supported by the “I ALWAYS WANT MORE LOOKS” advertising campaign – as fun, provocative and smile-inducing as ever!


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