Disconnect! And fly away…

Everybody needs a time apart sometimes. As the song goes, ‘sometimes everything is wrong.’ Well, it’s the best time for you to make it right. Disconnect from everything that surrounds you, the daily life, the noisy city, the hectic schedules… and run away -for a while-.


Call it cocooning, call it solitude –but not loneliness-, disconnection is a must in times of trouble. When you find yourself off-balance, going a hard way, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go off-road, to your oasis place, the place you call home.


Disconnection is good because it helps you shut the world away and reconnect with your inner self What you really want, what you really need, what you really want to achieve. It helps you track what and who is dragging you back and why you feel so down.


What would you do then? Simple answer; cry your tears out loud, sleep until your body and inner volcano rest, wake up in beauty, pamper yourself, read good books to feed your brain, watch interesting DVDs to find shelter in your own bubble –and learn in the process-, rebrand your new you and come back refreshed, renewed, clean and clear.


Thus, don’t hesitate to run, run, run, and never stop. Until you find yourself. Reset your mind and spirit and come back ready to face the world, with a smile.