GET THE LOOK: 5-Minute No Heat Quick Fix Styles

By Asgar Saboo:


Spring is finally upon us, which means you will be looking for some quick hair fixes to ensure you are always looking your best.


Whether you are short of time in preparing for an event or simply want to spend more time enjoying all that Spring has to offer instead of battling with your mane, hair maestro Asgar Saboo, who has worked with A-list beauties Eva Longoria, Cindy Crawford and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, is here to share his 5-minute hair quick fixes that will leave you looking like you have been prepping for hours. No hairdryers, no straighteners and no fuss!


1) Half-up half-down

This style ensures you can keep your hair down but will camouflage those messy, stray hairs. The beauty of this style is the rest of your hair can remain in long, loose waves.


GET THE LOOK: Run your fingers through your hair (brushing will cause frizziness) in order to separate two 2-inch strands from the front, one on each side. The additional detail is down to you! Braid each strand and fasten at the back with grips or twist each and secure with a hair clasp. For an edgy look, scrunch the hair together and fasten in a bun at the crown of your head.. Spritz on a salt-spray for extra volume.


2) Pretty plaits
A fresh, elegant look for Spring, this charming style is the perfect quick fix for everyday wear. A look that works for all hair types, from naturally curly to super straight, it is a fuss free look that oozes class and character. Opt for the chilled bed-head braid or the detailed French plait for a more polished take.


GET THE LOOK: Run your fingers through your hair then separate into three sections using your fingers for a messy, laid-back vibe. Once the braid is complete, pull some loose strands of hair down to frame your face and gently pull the braid apart from top to bottom to add volume. To just keep your fringe out of the way, part your hair to the side and French braid the front section of your hair, leaving the rest of your hair long and loose.


3) Sophisticated chignon

This chic and sophisticated style takes seconds to create but looks perfectly professional for day-to-day wear. Tip: Don’t brush your hair too thoroughly as the added tousles will give extra volume.


GET THE LOOK: Pull your hair into a loose ponytail and secure with a hair band. Depending on the shape or look you are going for, twist your hair round until it forms a low bun and secure with hair grips. Alternatively, scrunch the hair together at the nape of your neck and secure piece by piece for a more casual vibe. Pull your chignon round to the side for a more glamorous evening option.


4) Messy ponytail

Simple yet effective and perfect for showing off your natural features, this cool and relaxed style is a Spring winner. Naturally curly hair is perfect for this look as the extra waves will give lots of volume.


GET THE LOOK: Without brushing your hair, pull it all back into a ponytail to either the crown or back of your head and secure with a hair band that matches your hair colour. To add extra volume, tighten the ponytail then place your palms on your head and slowly slide up to gently loosen the ponytail. Repeat until you achieve your desired volume. Tip: You can add extra curls to your ponytail with a curling wand after it is tied.


5) Braided ballerina bun

A modern take on the classic ballerina bun, this style is perfect for Spring. With minimum effort but maximum impact, it will leave you looking prepped and polished for the day ahead.


GET THE LOOK: Start by scraping the hair back to the crown of your head and secure with a hair band. Separate the hair into two sections and braid each individually, then take one braid and wrap around in a clockwise direction and secure thoroughly with grips. Take the second plait and wrap around in the opposite direction to create a full looking bun. Tip: Try and hide the grips within the bun to create a flawless finish.