Bridal Collection 2014


It’s that most romantic time of the year! All around the world, bells are ringing. Love is so inspiring and a newly engaged couple is the very picture of romance. The excitement of the moment is so special.


Like finding Mr. Right, finding the perfect nail color is essential for the happy occasion. From the prettiest blue, to the most delicate sheer – go for refined, radiant shades. Refreshing bridal colors are not only perfect for the wedding day itself, but also create a beautiful backdrop for a new engagement ring. When so much attention is being paid to your hands, a recent engagement is the perfect time for a flawless manicure. So, whether you’re a bride-to-be or just in love with soft, ultra-feminine color, these shades are definitely an aisle-do!


Meet the Parents: Cool chambray blue

You’re quite a catch in this cool, relaxed chambray. It’s that perfect something blue that calms fiancée jitters.


Got Engaged!: Warm nude pink laced with tiny silver sparkles

Rock this warm nude pink with graceful prismatic sparkles and say, “With this bling I’ll thee wed.”


Love Every Minute:  Cheery strawberry coral

A 24/7 whirlwind romance calls for this absolutely irresistible duchess satin rosé coral.


She Said Yes: Delicate sheer white with subtle silver shimmer

She’s never looked more radiant than she does in this delicate cream sheer with subtle silver shimmer.