Music On The Menu: Johnny and the Walkers live at La Petite Maison Great food and good music on the 11th and 12th of April

Food and music are a match made in heaven, and the harmony between the two dates back to ancient times, when some of the earliest instruments would be played for kings and wealthy citizens as they dined. Also, there is strong evidence that music can influence the way we taste food. Considering this important and long relationship, La Petite Maison Dubai, the home of Cuisine Nicoise, will host exclusive live performances by Johnny and the Walkers . The much acclaimed four-piece band is currently based on the French Riviera, and will fly in specially to play exclusively on April 11 and 12 at La Petite Maison Dubai for the first time.


Johnny and the Walkers perform a varied repertoire of music from classic jazz, the Beatles, tracks from the roaring 60’s, to the best of today’s contemporary music.


“We are delighted to host Johnny and the Walker in La Petite Maison Dubai. We aim to provide our diners with the best, to serve them not only great food but also touch all five senses to deliver a complete experience,” said Antoine Jaillet, General Manager of La Petite Maison Dubai.


La Petite Maison is a French Mediterranean restaurant serving light, healthy and delicious classic Nicoise cuisine. Prepared á la minute, using home-grown recipes that taste as if they have been handed down through generations and served with well-matched beverages from the Provence region in an environment reminiscent of the Cote d’Azur.