Tiziana Terenzi unveils stellar creations inspired by the moon; Andromeda and Cassiopea

Literary tradition states that all lost items, or items that have gone astray end up on the moon. The moon is the place where dreams and tears, love and reason, days of idleness and unfinished deeds are kept in precious glass ampoules. These bottles are quite similar to those used to contain Tiziana Terenzi’s precious essences today. After years of toil spent seeking and preserving rare components, Tiziana Terenzi presents fragrances that embody the brand’s most complex project yet; Tiziana Terenzi Luna.


We meet Andromeda for the first time, wrapped in his infinite beauty, by following a trail of bright, fascinating stars, while trekking on the Sibillini Mountains. This fragrance, a white essence, carries top notes of Roman Wormwood, Lemon, Oman Frankincense, Star Anise. The middle notes are made up of Galbanum, Sri Lanka Cinnamon, Carnation, Thyme, Cyclamen and Sichuan Pepper while base notes are a blend of Lebanon Cedar, White Musk, Kashmir Wood, Patchouli, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Amber, Birch and Blond Tobacco.


This timeless fragrance of love and gratitude was born from a trip in the family home, in Frontone. The tranquility of the place is broken only by the scents of the flowers and plants that surround the valley. Top notes have been made with Passion Fruit, Lemon and Cassis, Fern while Middle notes comprise of Carnation, Lily of the valley and Rosa Tea. Rounding off the perfume are the Base notes of Sandalwood, Fava Tonka and Musk.


Take your senses on a feast with the artistic fragrances that form the Tiziana Terenzi Luna collection.