If you think what Dubai has done with the sand is impressive, wait till you taste what we’ve done with the sea. Mori Sushi promises the kind or larger than life fusion sushi and exotic flaming grill flavours you would come to expect in a city with the worlds largest, well, everything. Come April 2016 the charismatic old world charm of a sultry Sao Paolo will meet Dubai’s pulsating horizon of scenic skyscrapers and skyline for the very first time.


“Many restaurants aim to please by catering to what is expected; other restaurants push the boundaries of creativity. Mori Sushi is the latter,” shares Osama Heikal, (Managing Partner, Mori Sushi).


The atmosphere at Mori Sushi is one many places people try to recreate but none can replicate. It incorporates the ancient philosophical idea of ‘feng shui’ in its design; creating a versatile dining experience that evolves from day to night and an atmosphere that is harmonious despite its vibrant and lively patrons. The simple and minimalist design allows the focus to be on the food and the energy of its guests – allowing for a complete sensory experience. Their ability to make each and every customer feel completely at home has led to its following that is as diverse as it is loyal.


Mori Sushi is bigger than your typical dining experience. Its traditional Japanese dishes are expertly infused with just the right amount of Latin flavour; providing a deliciously fresh interpretation on its Japanese-Brazilian fusion twist. There’s a sushi bar specialising in contemporary takes on sushi, sashimi, nigiri and temaki. Its robata-grilled bites will transport your senses into a realm of captivation with each and every plate that leaves its kitchen – arriving with the indescribable handcrafted skill that only a true sushi master could provide. Try the ‘Scallop Salad’ infused with perfectly ripened cherry tomatoes or the ‘Avocado Caterpillar’ carefully rolled to perfection. The very first bite will fire a synapse to your brain and leave you begging for one mori bite.