On the occasion of Earth Day, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana will be organizing the “Battle of Bottles” boat race for the third successful year in a row on the 20th of April 2016, to show support for the protection of the environment and to educate the audience towards climate change through a range of exciting activities, including the unique boat race which consists of creative and innovative boats made out of recyclable materials such as plastic PEP bottles. After the General Manager’s opening speech, these boats will be paddling and peddling in an adrenalin-rush race, battling to win the mega trophy for this year.


A wide range of fun-filled activities and competitions will also be held from 8:00 till 11:00 am such as the exotic Maori Haka Dance contest which will take place on the pristine beach sands, along with a Mr. Neptune and Ms. Mermaid pageant in which the best costumes made from recycled and natural materials will be voted for by a panel of judges.


We believe in our corporate and individual responsibility towards the environment and that together we can all make a difference. Our aim on Earth Day is to support environmental protection through these lively events which nowadays have a value through Social media well after the actual day is over. Battle of the Bottles is a proof of success from such events and we are confident that this activity, now in its third year, will be more successful as it continues to grow.


At the end of the day, all guests will have the opportunity to engage together and discuss this important cause, and spend quality time with snacks and soft drinks, in a wonderful summer day by the pool and the beach, where all will leave the event with a memorable moments.