Chopard Vintage Edition

A limited edition fragrance for the real connoisseur only…


Throughout its history, the House of Chopard has always celebrated a timeless form of elegance and refinement. The Chopard gentleman is a true connoisseur, a man of the world with an eye for beauty. A wise collector, he perfectly appreciates the value of the objects he surrounds himself with, whether it be a watch, a luxury perfume or a classic car.


For Chopard’s aesthetic interests extend beyond the firm’s own luxurious creations, encompassing different universes. Prominent among them is the world of classic cars. Like premium watches, they combine precision, reliability and style and reflect the cutting-edge skill and workmanship of the companies that design them.


The House of Chopard has maintained close ties with the classic car racing world over the years, supporting several classic competitions such as the Mille Miglia Race. This fecund partnership has inspired the design of several watches and of a line of perfumes that includes Chopard Mille Miglia and Chopard Mille Miglia Extreme.


… blending vintage renditions of the most refined notes…


In keeping with Chopard Mille Miglia and Chopard Mille Miglia Extreme, Chopard Vintage Edition retains the striking contrast between fresh lavender, a daring asphalt accord and sensual leather. To these iconic notes, master perfumer Bruno Jovanovic (IFF) added carefully selected noble and vintage ingredients that emphasize the prestigious lineage of the fragrance. This exclusive oriental fougere perfectly marries classic elegance and modern sensibility.


The top notes of lavender are facetted with a rush of green and citrusy juniper. Softened by violet leaves, the intense asphalt heart is both very masculine and full of mystery. The root note was inspired by the renowned Connolly leather, a material used almost exclusively for the upholstery of deluxe classic cars. It is blended with amber 83, an accord designed during the roaring 20s, the very decade that saw the birth of Mille Miglia Race. This sensual combination of rare scents pays tribute to the classic race cars that inspired this complex and textured fragrance.


… in a highly symbolic luxurious presentation.


Chopard Vintage Limited Edition revisits the Chopard Mille Miglia bottle. The profiled and sophisticated silver flacon alludes to the metallic finish of Chopard luxury watches and to the bodywork of certain classic race cars. The top fret is reminiscent of a brushed steel car part. As for the iconic cap, it emulates both the Mille Miglia watch bracelet and the Dunlop tire that inspired it.


The elegant silver folding box is enhanced by a visually striking dark top stamped with the Chopard monogram. A black strip runs around the carton, enfolding the fragrance’s red and white logo. This crisp and refined design perfectly reflects the Chopard gentleman’s quest for elegance and authenticity.


Chopard Vintage Limited Edition will only be available for a short amount of time. And like the treasured artefacts that inspired its design, this unique bottle is bound to become a true collector’s item.


Price List:
VINTAGE EDITION 80ml – 390 AED, 400 SR, 30.800 KD, 39.900 BD, 398 QR, 40.900 OR, 79.25 JD, 106 USD (Leb, Iraq, Yem), 113 USD (Egy)


Point of Sale:
Available in all major retailers.