Gold Bar is unabashedly luxurious yet stunning in its simplicity – and it all comes from traditional, all-natural recipes that have been at play for centuries. There is nothing outdated about this golden goodness – Gold Bar is the perfect mix of age-old beauty remedies and modern technology.


Many studies have indicated that harmful substances have made their way into the cosmetics industry as poor attempts to cut costs, or to give certain products an artificial feel good factor. What is put on the skin is absorbed straight into the blood stream, bypassing the digestive process, and a study has shown that one in thirteen women, and one in twenty-three men, are exposed to known or probable carcinogens every day through the use of personal care products alone – that’s not including what we are already exposed to in our increasingly polluted environment. Caring for your hair and skin should never have to come at the price of one’s health, so going all natural is one of the best ways to ensure that we avoid the potential damage of dangerous chemicals and to treat ourselves, worry-free! After all, if you can’t safely eat it, why should you put it on your skin?


According to a Global Beauty Survey , among the top things that consumers look for in beauty products are cruelty-free, all natural and hypoallergenic. Gold Bar products tick all the boxes of the top 20. A perfectly good reason to go for the gold.


Gold Bar offers everything from perfect anti-ageing skin solutions, to ‘scent-sational’ treats such as their instantly-recognisable gold-bar-shaped soaps. From the top of luxurious gold-infused skin care to the cutest of gift bags, there is something for everyone at Gold Bar. All goodies contain zero parabens, sulphates, silicones, artificial colours and fragrances, and all are full to the brim of all-natural, organic ingredients and 100% cruelty-free.


However if glitter and glimmer isn’t your thing, Gold Bar is a treasure trove for all things gloriously good, from candy soaps gift baskets to refillable shampoos and shower gels. Gold Bar treats include sun-protection, aromatherapy massage oils and deliciously-scented body butters and scrubs, body and hair essentials, and face masks specially made for different skin problems and skin types.


Gold Bar is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Kristiana Sripetchvandee, who through her own personal struggles with various hair and skin problems, came to realize that there is no ‘quick fix’ method to improve various hair and skin conditions, and the only way to achieve long lasting results is to go natural.


Thanks to the vision of Fatma Ali Almarzooqi, Gold Bar has now landed in Dubai. Fatma realised early on that there is a lack of quality natural and organic products in Dubai and the region. Most have no choice but to go for well-known brands as the options are limited. The awareness of the benefits of going natural is increasing in this part of the world. Therefore, she believes that this is the perfect time to launch Gold Bar with its luxurious natural and organic products that are not only effective, but also an absolute delight to use. Gold Bar benefits from Fatma’s local knowledge, extensive network and creative entrepreneurship.


Gold Bar is constantly improving taking into consideration clientele’s opinions and suggestions to always cater to their absolute luxurious needs. Exclusively for Dubai and the region, Gold Bar has developed a complete range of Oud hair and skin care solutions that provide remarkable natural results. From the sweetest of floral scents to the more exotic woody ‘Scents from Heaven’, Gold Bar aims to introduce a variety of Oud ‘flavours’. For this season, Al Jory and Shamma take centre stage. The choice is yours; floral or woody. You’ve never had it this good. Pure one-of-a-kind luxury.


Gold Bar is not only good, it’s GOLD.