10 steps to spring cleaning your wardrobe!

The wardrobe, always full of things we actually never wear… After years of buying things that seemed like a good idea at the time (maybe they were), most of us don’t know anymore what we have in our wardrobes.


But don’t worry,, the leading online platform for booking cleaners in UAE, has come up some tips for getting back to an organised and clutter-free wardrobe space this spring! You’ll be amazed by how much time you’ll save and stress you eliminate simply by being organised. Not to mention how many cool outfits you discover that you didn’t even know you had!


STEP 1 –
Dump everything on your bed. Every last bra, the jumpers and all of those sad individual socks stuck at the back. The aim here is for you to look back at your bed and realise your holding on to way too many useless items.


STEP 2 – Once every item has been removed take a cloth with a cleaning spray or vinegar and wipe over the surfaces. This will remove dust and it’s a great way for you to see how much space you have. The exercise here is for you to look back at your bed and consider what is really important to go back in your wardrobe.


STEP 3 – Throw away rusty hangers and shoe racks. Wire hangers ruin clothes with creases and stains so throw them away and invest in wooden hangers that will protect your clothes. You can buy good, cheap wooden hangers at any supermarket.


STEP 4 – Reflect on how to best use your new wardrobe space before you go out on your next shopping spree though! Use a measuring tape to see how you can better make use of your space with storage boxes or zip lock bags. There is no limit to your creativity – whether you need new hooks, racks or baskets, a quick stop in your homeware store will give you plenty of options.


STEP 5 – Getting rid of what you don’t wear and keeping only what you do is possibly the hardest part of this whole task.

The rule is: if you haven’t worn it in more than 12 months, it has to go. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, put it in the ‘maybe’ pile and if you haven’t worn it in more than 3 months, keep it, but put it where it’s visible so you know to wear it again.


STEP 6 – Addressing sentimental items is the toughest part. It is recommended to take a photo so you can remember items and then give them to charity. Not only will you save lots of precious storage space but there are plenty of places where you can give them a second life and allow others to make memories. Another option could be apps and websites, like Dubizzle, Expat Forum, Sheddapp, where you can make an extra cash.


STEP 7 – While you’re sorting your clothes, place them into categories. We recommend ‘Work/ Business’, ‘Casual/ Weekend’ and ‘Occasion/Evening’. If these categories don’t work, choose a few more to suit your lifestyle. The aim is separating your clothes into at least three distinctive groups.


STEP 8 – Start sorting your clothes into item piles within the categories you established in the previous step. So for example, group your casual/weekend pants all together, also your casual t-shirts in another pile, jackets in another and so on so forth. This second tier of sorting will help you when it comes to putting everything back.


STEP 9 – Now everything is sorted you can put your clothes back into your wardrobe. A practical rule: you should hang blazers, jackets, dresses, coats and skirts. Pants, cottons, denim, wool and the rest can be folded. Anything that is silk or delicate should also be hanged and placed in a garment sleeve.


STEP 10 – Now for everything else. Set aside a couple of miscellaneous drawers for random items – things like swimwear, scarves and hats. And finally:
> Place shoes with the toe at the front and with it’s pair, just like a store would. You’re always more likely to wear something if it looks good in your closet.
> Stack bags side by side to help maintain shape and if possible keep them in cloth bags to avoid them getting dusty.
> Divide jewellery into categories (necklaces, rings, etc) and store them in clear containers so they are visible.