Amplify your guitar skills with Panasonic’s CMAX5

One box solution for young guitarists


Panasonic’s stylish all-in-one audio system SC-CMAX5, with its ability to deliver ultra-powerful sound both indoors and outdoors, is the go-to product for guitar enthusiasts. With an easy operation, hobbyists and enthusiasts can use SC-CMAX5 as a guitar amp and speaker for dynamic musical performances or home jamming sessions.


Adding to the convenience of an audio system, the SC-CMAX5 comes with two mic inputs, one of which can be used as high-impedance guitar input, hence omitting the need of carrying an extra speaker or amplifier for the two connections. The digital connectivity that the audio system offers: USB ports and the Bluetooth wireless technology for playing backing tracks, which is a boon for guitarists, both for enjoying and making music.


The 1000-watt speaker – which features a single 6cm tweeter, two 10 cm woofers, one 25cm super woofer, has done quite well globally for customers who are always on the lookout to invest in quality entertainment experiences.


“Music is taking a new high in the region as youngsters show passion towards pursuing it as a hobby. Amongst musical instruments, guitars are one of the most popular instruments. This includes guitars of all kinds – acoustic, electric and bass. Since the SC-CMAX5 boom box is an all-in-one speaker system with tons of features, it fits in perfectly with this segment, both existing and potential,” explained Hitesh Ojha – Deputy General Manager – Audio, Video and Imaging, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF).


A guitarist can basically just walk into a location, plug in the SC-CMAX5, and conveniently stream his favorite backing tracks from his phone via Bluetooth and jam along. Alternatively, there are tons of options to easily connect external equipment such as karaoke systems, microphones & USB devices.