Interiors offers perfect gift ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

The collection from Mariner, Chiantese and Giorgio Collection will surprise and delight her


Dubai, UAE (March 16, 2016): Find the most splendid Mothers Day gifts at Interiors, one of UAE’s leading home and furnishing stores, where classical and modern home accessories and objets d’art are showcased from Mariner, Chiantese and Giorgio Collections. The selection at Interiors will truly delight and surprise Mothers on this very special day dedicated for them. Discover fabulous ideas and show moms how much you care with a unique present.


The Giorgio Collection accessories express the enduring elegance of fine Italian design. The Art & Accessory collection features modern yet provocative retro objects. The pieces reflect and incorporate historical elements from classical to more modern concepts and are designed to complement any environment with their strong personality and beauty. The exceptional finishes range from ceramic with pure platinum and 24k gold to precious silver and gold leaf to high-quality Murano blown glasses and crystals to fine, rich, leather skins and furs.


The quality and beauty of Mariner products have been successfully tried and tested in a wide variety of markets. One of the leading Spanish companies with an enviable reputation worldwide in the luxury furniture, lighting and decoration sectors; Mariner has succeeded in offering clients a uniquely luxuriant experience by combining craftsmanship and design with over a century of tradition to create emblematic works of art that stand the test of time. The Gallery collection presents an Art Deco style concept which, without compromising on craftsmanship, design and tradition, speaks to new generations, and reflects current trends and evolving emotions. This range is manufactured from especially selected materials transformed into excellent quality products by techniques perfected by skilled craftsmen.


The Collections Chiantese is another exceptional gift for Mothers on her special day. Produced entirely in Italy and exported around the world, the collection is known for its good details and has always been a prestige product admired for years by its buyers. Elegance, style and class sum up the products of Collections Chiantese which will surely delight mothers receiving the gift.


Mother’s Day gifts should be all about celebrating the wonderful woman who has given us so much. Visit the Interiors showrooms located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah to know more.