The unfolding tale of EUTOPIE perfumes reveals a new journey

EUTOPIE releases No9, a masterpiece in the Parisian Collection


Paris, 12th October 2015,

After successfully launching its first seven perfumes, EUTOPIE Perfumes continue to narrate the sentimental journey of the nomadic couple travelling the world on a quest to discover the ‘place of the good’.


EUTOPIE, a stem from the word Utopia describing the ideal society, will now ventures into a new memorable journey into the world of exclusive fragrances, by introducing EUTOPIE No 9.


The journey of the nomadic couples continues in Paris, the home town of Elodie Pollet, Créatrice of EUTOPIE, who has returned to France. Let’s fall in love with Paris !


Tribute to the Parisian elegance, the new fragrance reveals fougère notes and is the olfactive memories of walks throughout parks and gardens in Paris.


Elodie Pollet’s creation No. 9, surprises with its choice of protagonist, as none other than the savoury note of sage takes center stage in this composition. Sage is not only regarded as a valuable medicinal herb but chefs and gourmets also prize the hearty aroma of this plant that belongs to the mint family. When the essential oil from sage leaves is extracted by steam distillation, it develops a characteristic fragrance : fresh, camphorous, spicy and herbaceous, slightly reminiscent of lavender, with a green and bitter undertone.


Fougère, woody, aromatic
In No. 9 sage as main ingredient has not only been reproduced, but also refined to perfection. The fragrance opens with a combination of lemony tart bergamot, spicy nutmeg and the leafy green protagonist itself. The violet leaves, with which the heart begins, emphasize the green, herbaceous and spicy ambitions of the fragrance which obtains a harmonizing floral aspect thanks to Jasmine. In the base, Eutopie has taken the green, earthy, rooty part of vetiver to create a sublime finale cleverly complemented by notes of moss, musk and cedarwood.


Head Notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Sage
Heart Notes: Violet Leaves, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vetiver, Moss, Musk, Cedarwood.


EUTOPIE no9 is made in France and available in Eau de Parfum 100ML spray exclusively.