Damas Launches Exclusive Mother’s Day Collection

Damas, the Middle East’s leading jewellery and watch retailer, has a special treat for mothers this year with the launch of limited edition pendants created exclusively for the occasion of Mother’s Day.


Designed with intricate craftsmanship and utmost attention to detail, each pendant tells a different story while encapsulating the love and gratitude we feel for our mothers. Inspired by the beauty in Arabic calligraphy, the collection features a contemporary take on the Arabic word ‘Ummi’, which translates to Mother. Each 18k gold pendant celebrates motherhood, and reflects pride in the bond we have with our mothers.


This pendant features a unique and innovative take on classic Arabic calligraphy which sets itself apart through the use of different gold finishes and the accentuation with diamonds. Created to resemble branches of a growing tree i.e. the family tree, it places the mother at the centre with all branches (her children) originating from her despite the many different paths (branches) in life they choose to take.


Enclosed by a golden circle of hearts, the word ‘Ummi’ sparkles with diamonds and portrays the elevated status that mothers have in the heart of their child. An additional circle with a floral pattern is surrounding the inner circle to show the gratitude felt for mothers and to celebrate the occasion of this special day – Mother’s Day.


This white gold and diamond design clearly sets itself apart with a new approach towards celebrating the unique bond between mother and child. The two circles, with one being fully encrusted with diamonds, represent each a ‘Circle of Life’ – Mother and Child. The design showcases the safeguarding relationship between mother and child with one surrounding the other. The added yellow gold links refer to the infinite status of this relationship.


The word ‘Ummi’ is elegantly captured in a gold pendant shaped as a ‘Paisley’ which represents energy, safety and life – synonymous to what mothers mean. Floral filigree work surrounds a bed of coloured stones and diamonds keeping the Arabic calligraphy safely enclosed at the heart of this piece. A homage to Arabic shapes, patterns and calligraphy, this unique pendant stands for sophistication and grace.


Representing the essence of Damas’s renowned Hayati collection, this pendant is perfect to remind every mother and child of the many steps taken, the challenges conquered and the milestones surpassed. Every diamond represents each special moment cherished between mother and child. The diamonds gradually rise around the world ‘Ummi’ which is written in yellow gold and Arabic calligraphy. Simple, yet elegant.


Written in Arabic calligraphy, the word ‘Ummi’ is encircled by a ring of white gold positioned on a bed of diamonds and coloured stones reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. This kaleidoscope of colour shows the different moods we experience in life, from anxiety to happiness, all with our mothers by our side. A pearl accentuates this elegant composition of different materials and allows for a sophisticated touch.


A pear shaped pendant holds the word ‘Ummi’ written with diamonds and surrounded by floral ornamentation work. Just like mothers are always kept in the heart, this pendant celebrates her with a bouquet of flowers that expresses the gratitude felt for her eternal love and care.


For Mother’s Day, Damas is also offering customers the means to help make their mums feel truly special; with every purchase of a beautiful pendant from the Mother’s Day Collection, customers can have a portrait of their mother painted by an in-store artist at select Damas stores across the UAE.


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