Dare to tan in the shower! IN SHOWER SELF TAN

Straightforward self-tanning
Sometimes discouraged by the application method and time that self-tanners may require, some women complain that they still haven’t found the perfect formula that satisfies their desire for an instant tan. On listening to them, the Lancaster Laboratories had the idea of developing a revolutionary product: the In Shower Self Tan Lotion, a self-tan lotion to apply in the shower! And just like all of Lancaster’s self-tanners, this lotion contains Tan Color Adapt Technology, in other words DHA enriched in melanin. Day after day, you develop a gradual and an incredibly natural-looking golden tan.


One minute flat
In your everyday shower, begin by washing with your usual shower gel. After thoroughly rinsing your skin, turn off the water and apply In Shower Self Tan Lotion in a circular massage action over all the parts of the body you wish to enhance. You can rinse your skin after just one minute’s application. Gently dry your skin.


Beauty Tips for successful application
– There’s nothing like exfoliating with Lancaster’s Tan Preparer Body Scrub to prepare the Self Tan application and create a more beautiful tan.
– The formula is slightly tinted: you can therefore check that you haven’t forgotten any areas and that application is even!
– Pay attention to the driest areas of the body, such as elbows or knees: ensure that application is completely even.
– The more you apply In Shower Self Tan Lotion, the more intense the result.
– Have fun and intensify your tan with repeated application. After seven days, it will be a match for a real summer holiday glow.



-Leaves a luminous glow* 90%

-Leaves a natural glow* 83%

-Does not stain hands* 80%

-Does not stain clothes* 82%

-Allows progressive tanning* 87%

-Tanning is not orange* 79%

-Colour doesn’t fade away during the day* 97%


*Self-assessment on 107 women having tested the product during 14 days: application every day until wished colour is reached then every 2 or 3 days


Preliminaries to a perfect tan


The initial step

Developed by the Lancaster Laboratories to prepare the skin for tanning or self-tanner application, the new body scrub transforms your time before the sun into a moment just for you. The aim is to soften, smooth and hydrate the skin so that it reveals its glow. To achieve this, Lancaster is innovating by combining three exfoliants. These include naturally derived apricot kernel powder, which is responsible for gently removing dead cells from the body’s surface. But that’s not all! This scrub doesn’t just exfoliate. Rich in oil and macadamia nut, it also visibly moisturises the skin.


Before applying self-tanner or setting off on holiday, this scrub is the perfect ally for a flawless tan!


Tan Preparer Body Scrub 200 ml



-Significant hydrating effect after application* +25%


Immediately after use:*

-Easy to apply 97%

-Removes dead cells 94%

-Gently exfoliates skin 96%

-Skin feels smooth 94%

– Skin feels soft 97%


24h after exfoliator application/after application of in shower self-tan**

-Prepares skin before self-tan application 91%

-Allows a more even application of self-tan 83%

-Prevents tan from streaks 79%

-Allows a more natural tan result 72%


*Self-assessment on 107 women having tested the Tan preparer Body scrub


Price List:

SELF TAN IN-SHOWER LOTION 200ml – 115 AED, 9.100 KD, 117 QR, 34 USD (Leb), 33 USD (Egy)

SELF TAN PREPARER BODY SCRUB 200ml – 105 AED, 8.300 KD, 107 QR, 31 USD (Leb), 30 USD (Egy)


Point of Sale:

Available in pharmacies and perfumeries