WHEN: Monday 29 February, 11PM
WHERE: The Hobo Club
EVENT: Opening Night


(3 March 2016) Where do the cool people hideaway? We will tell you, but keep it hush-hush and find a place to speak without drawing suspicion. The HOBO Club officially opened its hidden doors on Monday 29th February revealing secrets of the modern nomads.


It was the true trailblazers who followed the scattered path of bearded stickers plastered on cement to join in the unforgettable night’s antics, and so the ‘Hobo Movement’ was born.


Once past the black doors guests were instantly transported to the streets. Brightly lit-up red brick walls lined with graffiti were the perfect grounds for local artist, Maddy Butcher to set up camp and create colourful painted street art murals. Further down the lane, with a quick blow of white coconut flakes, Canadian artist Sylvain Tremblay wowed the crowd with a miraculous portrait unveiling Jean Michel Basquiat.


DJ Sol spun any Monday night blues away with a smooth flowing eclectic mix of both retro and modern day tunes from his prized vinyl collection. Perfectly mixed hobo-inspired concoctions such as Gypsy Water, Houdini, Spitfire and the house special, The Hobo – paired with passion-fruit and sliced lime – gave new meaning to bar standards. The un-named street acoustic singer gave his impromptu performance of Nirvana’s legendary ‘Come As You Are’ and Tracy Chapman’s ‘Revolution.’ No soul in the joint was not with outstretched arms in the air, singing along with the lyrics.


Quick catch-ups with old friends between bouts of unencumbered dancing, black beards on sticks and Polaroid flashes in the background – shhh, can’t reveal too many of the secrets. Never short of surprises, fresh, bubbling and fragrant margherita pizza boxes being passed along to share amongst friends made the night everything you could want. Oh, wait, lollipop unicorns!


The HOBO Club welcomed the popular Joshua Cox, Sole DXB Founder; the dapper men’s fashion blogger Andy Scott; Applebum’s one and only Eugenia Polyakova; and the well-loved local talent members of The 264 Cru.


Additional noteworthy guests in attendance included Isaac Jon Ode, founder of Levier Concepts and brother Jesse Jon Ode; one Dubai’s hottest photographers Ibrahim Albeshari; West LA’s own Joanne Achiro;’s gorgeous girl outdoors Danielle Blaker.