A flutter of Two Butterfly creations to celebrate spring

This March, Van Cleef & Arpels is celebrating spring by unveiling new pieces in its Two Butterfly collection. Inspired by all the freshness and vitality of the season, these creations combine the gentle luster of mother-of-pearl and pink gold with the sparkle of diamonds.


Springtime, a precious inspiration
Enthralled by the spectacle of nature’s awakening, the Maison celebrates the coming of spring each year with creations touched by an ethereal grace. With this bloom of jewelry, it transcribes the infinite shades of flora, the trembling of a petal or the delicate beating of wings.


Butterflies are true emblems of Van Cleef & Arpels. Present in the Maison’s imagination since the 1920s, they express the joyful energy that drives this season of renewal. In the Two Butterfly collection, they reveal themselves alone or in pairs, bestowing their caress on the skin like the messengers of a benevolent nature.


A delicate aesthetic
For the first time, the collection takes on the delicate luster of mother‑of‑pearl, associated with pink gold and diamonds. Revealing their iridescent hues to the light, two butterflies – punctuated by a glittering heart – form a feminine pair of earrings.


This tender couple also alights on a Between the Finger™ Ring, whose inverted motifs – respectively adorned with mother-of-pearl and sparkling paving – illustrate the asymmetric style cherished by Van Cleef & Arpels. It provides an aesthetic evocation of the ceaseless movement of nature, gives rise to harmonious juxtapositions of materials and instills the creations with a gentle vitality.


Captured in mid-flight, the Maison’s ethereal emblem also becomes a pendant, drawn to a fine chain by the sparkle of a round diamond.


Natural and feminine materials
Inspired by nature since its foundation, the Maison chooses from among her finest materials. In keeping with Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of excellence, they are selected using the most stringent criteria of quality.


Mother-of-pearl: highly appreciated by Van Cleef & Arpels, this material is produced naturally inside shellfish. White mother-of-pearl, its milky hue embellished by remarkable overtones, evokes femininity, gentleness and protection. The mother-of-pearl used by the Maison comes from Indonesia, Japan and Australia: it is notable for its regular surface and luster of the highest quality.


Diamond: the name of this mineral – derived from the Greek adamas, meaning invincible – is enough to evoke its extraordinary properties. Its hardness, transparency and sparkle have ever fascinated Mankind and led it to be associated with purity and immortality. When offered to a loved one, it is a token of strong feelings. The Maison, which selects its diamonds according to the most stringent criteria, uses only stones rated D, E or F for color and IF to VVS for clarity, which bestow its creations with exceptional brilliance.


Pink gold: evocative of tender feelings, the pink gold used by the Maison is the product of a subtle alloy of gold, copper and silver unique to Van Cleef & Arpels. Delicately polished, it gently reflects the light and endows the pieces with a warm and feminine sheen.


Excellence and savoir-faire
Informed by over a century of jewelry-making expertise, the new Two Butterfly creations reflect all the Maison’s savoir-faire, from the creative process through to the final polish.


Their set surfaces have been carefully pierced to allow the light to pass through the stones and accentuate their brilliance: when viewed from different angles, the pieces thus present a spectacle of equal refinement. The same care has been applied to embellishing the mother-of-pearl: hand‑polished, it subtly unveils its reflections to evoke the butterfly’s shimmering hues.


The polishing process reveals pink gold’s gentle glitter, while the stone‑setting is accomplished in a way that fully magnifies the diamonds. Three setting techniques have been employed, depending on the piece. Grain setting – present on the Between the Finger Ring’s paved motif – stands alongside prong setting, which retains the marquise-cut diamond that depicts the animal’s body. Finally, on the pendant, a round diamond in a closed setting punctuates the chain with a halo of light.