Land Rover Launches First Social Mobile Application for Region’s Off-Road Enthusiasts

• ‘Ardhi’ (MYLAND) Mobile App will allow off-roaders of all levels to track and share previously unchartered driving routes
• Available to download for iOS and android
• English and Arabic app aims to socialise off-roading


Dubai, 3 March 2016: With smart phone penetration in the Middle East amongst the highest in the world, premium SUV manufacturer Land Rover has combined its off-roading heritage and passion for innovation to create what it hopes will be the first social mobile application for off-road enthusiasts. The app, known simply as ‘Ardhi’ or ‘MYLAND’, has been designed as an essential tool for regional off-roaders of any level to chart, save and share their off-roading adventures, and is available now to download for both iOS and Android users.


Land Rover developed the Ardhi Mobile App off the back of growing research which shows that the region not only has some of the most active and advanced off-roaders in the world, but also some of the heaviest users of smart phones and devices who see them as an essential tool to support their passions and hobbies. According to recent research , smartphone penetration in the region is now at an all-time high, with Qatar at 209%, followed closely by Kuwait at 192%, Bahrain at 188%, the UAE at 187%, and KSA at 181%. Furthermore, with the region’s continued population growth showing no signs of slowing down, smartphone penetration is also projected to increase by a significant almost 40% in the few coming years.


The Ardhi Mobile App includes a whole host of genuinely useful, engaging and fun features that set it apart from anything else on the market, with the ability to:
• Record paths while off-roading (even if no internet connection is available, they can be stored and will be automatically uploaded once a connection becomes available)
• Follow the activities of fellow off-roaders
• Share recorded paths on social media channels, add photos to the paths, and tag friends on the trip
• Send a digital flare to call for help from nearby “Ardhi” app users
• Search and follow paths of other adventurers, or opt for complete privacy by hiding paths and activities
• Indulge by earning and showcasing badges for off-roading accomplishments
• Access desert driving essentials, from weather updates to the prayer direction, as well as nearby petrol stations


Commenting on the Ardhi Mobile App, Jaguar Land Rover Marketing Director Hannah Naji said “Our approach is really about utilising technology to create applications which not only make our customers lives easier but also enrich their experiences and provide an outlet for them to connect with other like-minded individuals who share their same passions and interests.”


She continued “Having already tested the Ardhi Mobile App with some off-road enthusiasts in the region, we are excited to now make it available for all adventurers, whether experts or amateurs. We hope it will prove a valuable tool to help them explore and enjoy the region’s rich and diverse terrain.”


The Ardhi Mobile App is part of Land Rover’s continuously evolving MYLAND regional creative communications platform, which celebrates the impact that Arab culture has had on today’s modern society. Launched in 2014, MYLAND (‘Ardhi’ in Arabic) captures stories and unique content from a whole host of sources including Land Rover’s ‘Calligraphy Project’ film and installations, the ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ film series as well as user generated tips, videos and photos. It also hosts the creative output from Land Rover’s collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment – all content is available on


The Land Rover Ardhi app is available to download now from Apple App Store for iOS smart Phones and from Google Play store for Android smart phones, and a handy video guide is also available to help users get started: Ardhi App YouTube. Land Rover also plans to make the app available in French at a later stage.