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365 SUN COMPACT SPF 30 Tanning captured in an everyday form

An unseen encounter: The best of Lancaster’s sun protection and most advanced skin technology.


Inside this amber-toned case adorned in luminous rays lies a formula that lets you make peace with the sun on a daily basis. Whether in the city or at the beach, at the height of summer, in winter or even when the first glimmers of spring arrive, this compact takes care of everything at a click. As well as incorporating the brand new Full Light protection, 365 Sun Compact SPF 30 contains Lancaster’s signature promise in the sun: radiance. Thanks to TAC – the Tan Activating Complex, it actually extends your tan. Your colour becomes luminous, your complexion even and highly desirable. As a bonus, this skin-enhancing product is infused with specific technology for 365 days of protection. The skin is thus protected against environmental damage – pollution, oxidative stress – that could disrupt the integrity of its DNA. Last but not least, the emollient formula provides comfort and moisture.


A velvety, silky smooth texture
Using the micro-aerated sponge, apply just the right amount of the compact all over the face. On contact with the skin, this silky smooth and supple texture transforms into a subtle powdery feel. Then, like a beautiful halo, the glow of a lightly tanned face appears, 365 days a year.


Perfect for protecting, creating a glow and taking care of your skin, Sun Compact is available in a range of shades tailored to everyone’s skin tone:
Sun Compact Light Glow
Sun Compact Sunny Glow
Sun Compact Golden Glow



– Sun-kissed glow*: 88%
– My skin seems protected against external aggressors* 90%
– My skin seems hydrated* 90%


Self-assessment on 52 women, after 2 weeks of use: the 1st with sun exposure, the second without sun exposure


Price List:
SUN PROTECTION COMPACT POWDER SPF30 – 165 UAE, 13 KD, 168 QR, 49 USD (Leb), 47 USD (Egy)


Point of Sale:
Available in pharmacies and perfumeries