Spring/Summer 2016

For summer, the new Weill line invades and enchants colours and attitudes, optimistic, determined to seize the day and life itself—with a smile. The Must: clothes that change shapes and moods from the office to the party, from day garden to nighttime. A bantamweight wardrobe that can swing with every groove.


Seductive fabrics
Airy as a sigh, diaphanous, luxurious, fantasmic folds, the summer fabrics come forward breathing refinement: pleated sundresses, English embroideries, delicate lace, gallant guipures, exotic Ottoman robes, tangy taffetas, allegro crepes, subtle jacquard weaves, feathery tweeds, embroidered knits… all infused with grace, seductively charming.


Singularly Plural
An urban chic jacket or the tasty cocktail of a jewel-embroidered knit, an uncomplicated straight tunic, an A-line dress under a stunning bolero, the summery energy of capris or just casual jeans, a strictly masculine tailored suit or the sunny femininity of a pleated blouse… It’s a puzzle of lines and looks to mix or match all pleasures and situations…in a myriad of atmospheres and spirits: Contemporary contrast of electric anis, graphic black and white with tweed, dun or caviar motifs, shockingly chic… Profiled Pastels of peach, antique rose and make-up nuances, a pastoral upper with Ottoman undertones…. Bloom of flowers and cool bouquets happy to flirt with tweeds and knits… Plushy pink accented with taffetas, sequins, embroideries and knots…. Attitude stripes and worldly sailors, from St Malo in blue, white, red and polka dots, or Classic Cape Cod in blue marine, beige and white… Freedom fields in relaxed chambray, tweeds and oversize windbreakers…Mixed romance with flowers and geometric shapes, a duo of elegance and nowness… City Safari in linen, tawny and sharp accents in yellow, black and fuchsia….


Soulful accessories
Matching belts, brilliant sautoir necklaces, arrays of resin , playful chains, calashes and gold buttons…: accessories, jewels and details will make the difference in fashion, the high notes to accent the elegance of ready-to-charm designer clothes everywhere you go.


Ever running before the wind, black and white combos multiply glamour possibilities for smooth sailing all day long: Little sequin-striped jackets, dresses, twin-fabric tops, knotty twists, pants…. pitch and roll far and wide…And when evening comes they shimmer with wavy iridescent sparkles, splashing mother of pearl, champagne waves for your starry nights.


Moonlit moves
Languorous happy hours, summer evenings draw endlessly on dresses, long skirts and boleros, a capsule collection of pieces highlighted with taffetas, laces caresses, pleats and other sparkly details, the stars of infinite nights and red carpets with glimpses of pastels and footlights….