Maison PAULE KA Spring/Summer 2016 collection is strictly chic and vibrantly graphic. The silhouettes are sleek, the lines are clean, and the motifs are geometric.


Inspired by German artist Escher’s work, a puzzle like check pattern is the main theme of the collection and adorns dresses, skirts, and coats. The design comes in both small dimensions and blown up proportions. The motif comes in black and white as well as introducing a new color palette, mixing soft pink and blue pastels, bright yellow and deep green. The powerful image breathes life into cotton canvasses, batik jacquard, and pebbled leather pieces.


Other signatures of the season include tricolor stripes, oversized, which reinforce the graphic and ultra modern dimension of the collection.


Our emblematic bow is reinvented with a modern flair; its contours are sharp and laser cut.


Chic minimalist design characterizes the silhouettes, which carry clean yet always feminine lines. The fabrics are new and inventive: seersucker, faille, batik. They’re unique, as embodied in the subtly stitched jacquard.
Dresses, which are the flagship pieces of Maison PAULE KA have also been reinvented: the line has been shortened and the dresses are worn close-fitted or loose depending on the style. Strapless dresses are back in style. Below the knee length gives character to both straight and belted dresses. Faithful to PAULE KA’s codes, certain dresses mix two colors or two fabrics. Our long evening dresses ooze sincere glamor while mixing a kind of subdued sophistication with boldly mixed materials.


Our collection as a whole offers a versatile wardrobe: small dresses cut in fresh fabrics, pantsuits in renewed cuts and printed tops with visual effects can be mixed and accessorized to go from an urban day-look with modern elegance to an evening look with sophisticated charm.


Accessories with striking design will complete the look: flat sandals bring a finishing touch of modernity, with TRAPEZE two-tone handbags exuding bold confidence. In perfect contrast printed mini bags give an impertinent touch to a collection that boasts a rich contrast of colors and fabrics.